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Radio Shuttle Solution

Radio shuttle is the core storage equipment of ASRS, which is powered by batteries, so that pallet cargo can be transported back and forth in the roadway, and can be managed with remote control or network. It achieves intelligent warehouse management by combining system-guided screen and WMS system, and achieves automatic identification, storage and retrieval through RFID, one-dimensional code and other identification technologies.

The shuttle-type storage system make the shuttle car run smoothly on the traditional shelf with high precision guide rail. The track can also undertake the functions of cargo transportation and cargo storage, thus greatly improving the utilization rate of storage space. Since forklift do not need to drive into the shelves to access goods, but are completed by shuttle cars, the cancellation of forklift passages can achieve very high space utilization and achieve the purpose of high-density storage. The shuttle car can be equipped with wireless network communication module, which can be docked with wireless network at any time.