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Management system

Warehouse monitoring software (WCS) provides an interface to the automated stereo library-warehouse management software (WMS), which converts the management plan into a job instruction format and sends the corresponding location to the stacker and conveyor system. Inbound and outbound job instructions, when the WCS service is executed or fails to execute, it will provide feedback to the external system to realize real-time receiving of the stacker and conveyor system and operation mode, status information and alarm information, and graphical dynamic display. In the monitoring interface.

After experiencing the deployment phase of multistyle customized local service, ENFON software system begin to manage in full platform. With the design advantages of the API platform, it can quickly solve the multiregional and multisystem group deployment requirements, and apply EAAS to analyze WMS, WCS and ECS data to assist each system to optimize its own control conditions. Combined with 3DMS fullview management scheme, both material management and equipment operation status can be directly visualized and managed in the system to achieve cross regional immersiveness. It is also possible to quickly respond to and understand real-time scenarios with the help of auxiliary analysis.