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Sorting system

Through various conveyances of box-type cargo, the automatic sorting operations such as warehousing, disassembling, checking and packing, and path sorting are generated.The sorting line classifies materials according to variety, cargo owner, storage location or delivery location quickly and accurately;

The automatic sorting system generally consists of a control device, a sorting device, a conveying device, and a sorting port. The function of the control device is to identify, receive and process the sorting signal, and to classify the goods according to the requirements of the sorting signal, to classify the goods by product type, by the place where the goods are delivered, or by the type of the owner. The function of the sorting device is based on the sorting instruction issued by the control device, when the goods having the same sorting signal pass through the device, the device acts to change the running direction on the conveying device into other conveyors or into the sorting lane. The main component of the conveying device is the conveyor belt or the conveyor. The sorting crossing is the passage of the sorted goods from the main conveyor (or the main conveyor) into the collection area. The above four parts are connected together through the computer network, with manual control. And the corresponding manual processing links constitute a complete automatic sorting system.