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Stacker Crane + Radio Shuttle Solution

It generates the automatic access of the pallet with goods on the left and right sides of the elevated warehouse ; Scheduling and monitoring through WCS by wireless communication; It can meet the requirements of continuous high throughput operation environment. The system takes pallets from radio shuttle in the rack lane, and the pallets are transported by the stacker to the entrance and exit of the goods, and the forklift does not need to enter the storage area.

The system takes pallets from shuttle car in the rack lane, and the pallets are transported by stacker to the entrance and exit area of goods, and sent out by conveying equipment, forklift does not need to enter the storage area. The solution of stacker crane plus radio shuttle combines the advantages of transmission layer automated warehouse and stacker automated warehouse. The stacker and radio shuttle operate at high speed, the choice of this solution depends on the comprehensive factors such as the number of roadways, the depth of roadways, the efficiency of warehouse entry and exit, and the area of warehouse entry and exit.